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DDU Specs
UpdateVER – 2022-08-04
FileDDU v18.0.4.2.exe (1.3MB)
Main Function▪Delete graphics driver without remaining files
▪Used when the GPU brand conversion
▪Recommended for use in safe mode as possible

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5/5 (1 Review)

DDU Main Function

Driver Display Uninstaller (DDU) is a program that allows you to delete graphics card drivers developed by Wagnardsoft. Mainly downloaded graphics card driver versions are not suitable or use when converting graphics card drivers. The Windows program removal is that if the graphics card driver is not completely removed, you can completely remove the graphics card driver by deleting the graphics card driver through the DDU. The DDU usage is simpler than you think, so please download the DDU as a reference to the usage on the right tab.

How to run DDU

After downloading the DDU, the DDU file was executed. After selecting Driver Type, you can simply remove the graphics card driver installed on the desktop and laptops.

Precautions when using DDU

▪ If you have an important file before running the DDU, be sure to back up.

▪ DDU recommends running in safe mode as much as possible.

How to use a simple DDU to learn by video

How to enter Windows Safety Mode

Step1. Press Windows+R to open the execution window and enter msconfig.
Step2. Check the safety boot and the minimum installation on the boot tab and click OK to run the safe mode. If you are finished in safe mode, you can turn off the safety boot check through the same execution window to return to its original state.

Release Notes

2021.07 Ver.

▪ NVIDIA GeForce Latest Driver Additional Files and Registry Removal
▪ Swedish, Persian update

2021.01 Ver.

▪ NVIDIA change log
▪ Slovenia language update
▪ Bug modification and improvement

2020.10 Ver.

▪ Russian translation update
▪ NVIDIA: Add GeForce Beta Support
▪AMD User Experience Program Related Key Update

2020.09 Ver.

▪ Modify DCH Control Panel Removal Problem in the MS Store

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