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5/5 (2 Reviews)

Bluestacks Specs
OSWindows / MacOS
UpdateVER – 2022-06-27
FileBlueStacksInstaller_5.8.0.1079_native.exe (783KB)
Main Function▪Players that can use mobile games the fastest on PC
▪Multi -key setting, instance environment, free PC play environment
▪The most diverse feature support and the latest game support among the app players

Relevant information

Optimization Guide
VT activation guide
Watcha Play PC version download


5/5 (2 Reviews)

BlueStacks 5 official service launch

BlueStacks 5 Technology, which was introduced as a beta service since early 2021, was officially released in June 2021. Now we use less CPUs than before and provide a more comfortable environment. It provides faster update speed and starting speed. You can play without a conflict when you start. Error for “Uncompatible devices” that occur during cookie runs and various games downloads can no longer see.

Windows/Mac -only emulator

It is a mobile game emulator that provides a fast and comfortable PC environment. It is the fastest of the three apps players. If you only do the optimization work, you can create a PC environment lighter than any app player. It also supports the MAC version, which can be compatible with Google linkage on various devices.

Various functions

It has the most users, so the patch speed is the fastest and features basic and diverse features. Virtualization (VT activation) can be done in various operating systems. Please refer to the virtualization setting guide on the FAQ tab for detailed VT activation.

Support for external touch pad control and virtual pad

It supports the external touch pad control feature to create the same effect as using a virtual pad. The advanced option feature is paid a monthly fee and you can experience faster app player performance when running a high -end option.

Optimization Guide

How to allow/reject app permissions

Step1. Run the app and click on the system app.
Step2. Connect to Android settings.
Step3. Access the application.
Step4. You can see the permissions given to the app in the authority.
Step5. You can allow or reject app permission.
MinimumWindows 7
RecommendWindows 10
Installation Number50,000,000+
Content Grade12 years old or older

BlueStacks Release Notes

2021.08 Ver.

▪ Improvement of aiming functions through custom DPI settings
▪ BlueStacks 5 Game Pad/Controller Support
▪ Various action execution through script editor
▪ Small bug modification

2021.07 Ver.

▪ PubG Mobile official emulator version release and use
▪ Improvement of the shortcut key setting (faster BlueStacks 5)
▪ Custom mode can be used using performance mode
▪ Improvement of instance simultaneous execution function

2021.07 Ver.

▪ Modifying various tasks on one instance
▪ Add fixed function
▪ Improved performance
Odin: Fixed a black screen error when playing Valar Rising

2021.06 Ver.

BlueStacks 5 official launch
▪ Change so that no “incompatible device” error phrase does not occur
▪ Add the game environment to one level upgrade function
▪ Diversification of libraries for each instance

2021.02 Ver.4.270

▪ Add ultra-wide resolution function-wild lift
▪ Improving game guides and control editor
▪ Call of Duty Mobile Bug Modification

2021.01 Ver.4.260.1032

▪ Improvement of the game screen expansion accuracy
▪ Add instance device profile option
▪ Other bug modifications

2020.12 Ver.

▪ Improvement of the game screen expansion accuracy
▪ Change to adjust the mouse sensitivity in the control editor
▪ Engine tab improvement

2020/11 Ver.4.240.40

▫ Modify the phenomenon that bounces when using it for a long time (moonlight sculptor)

2020/10 Ver.4.240.15

▫ When using a multi -instance manager,
▫ Remove screenshot delay

2020/10 Ver.4.240.5

▫ Pandastic Days Bug Modification

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