Coupang Play

  • 업데이트 – 2022-07-11
  • VER 1.25.1-b83

5/5 (1 Review)

Coupang Play Specs
OSWindows / Android
DeveloperCoupang Corp.
UpdateVER 1.25.1-b83 – 2022-07-11
FileCoupangPlay.exe (22MB)
Main Function▪WOW Membership Subscription OTT Service
▪Domestic and overseas popular dramas and movie content provision services
▪Unlimited use with membership of low rates

Coupang Play

5/5 (1 Review)

Various Services

Coupang Play is an OTT service developed by Coupang Inc. It is directly serviced in Kupang, an e -commerce company. The target is provided only to Kupang’s members (Wow Membership Member). The Coupang Play PC version can be connected via rocketwow membership login and QR code.

Profile setting/price

In Coupang Play, up to 5 profiles can be used for one account, and each profile offers customized content for individuals. You can enjoy a variety of video contents at a lower price than other OTT services.

Unfortunate part

Since it has just been released, it has the disadvantage of not having a variety of subtitles or content. In the app, we will solve this problem sequentially. However, I think it is a limited service in that it is limited to membership members. Most of them are Coupang members, but some users do not actually use Coupang. Recently, the OTT app has added a variety of Chromecast features, and we are continuously making efforts to manage content. It is an app that is expected to succeed in how many OTT service worlds will be with the original Coupang play service.

Support Browser

Coupang Play can be used through the browser that is supported when used as a PC version. You can use Coupang Play with Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome Browser, Safari Browser, and Firefox Browser.

How to use PC version

This installation method is a method of using a mobile emulator. The official version of the PC version allows you to use the official version. Download is available in the following link.

Go to PC version

Step1. Click the download link to download the emulator.
Step2. Search for Coupang play in the search box.
Step3. Click on the searched app to click the installation button.
Step4. After the installation, click the Coupang Play icon installed on the home screen.
Step5. Like a regular mobile device, you can use and watch Kupang play as a PC version.

Honey TIP

Release Notes

2021.09 Ver.1.14.1

▪ New function-content sharing function

2021.07 Ver.1.9.14

▪ System improvement and new content
▪ Official service support

2021.04 Ver.1.7.1

▪ Establishment of training for education only

2021.03 Ver.1.5.4

▪ Add live broadcast function

2021.02 Ver.1.2.2

▪ New feature support: Chromecast
▪ Scroll improvement (kids mode)

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