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  • VER 1.0.9003

5/5 (1 Review)

Discord Specs
OSWindows / Mac / Adroid / iOS
DeveloperDiscord Inc.
UpdateVER 1.0.9003 – 2022-06-23
Filediscordsetup.exe (79.3MB)
Main Function▪Voice and video chat support
▪Multimedia and screen sharing function
▪Free server with a variety of topics

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5/5 (1 Review)

Main Function

It is an integrated voice program that can communicate with videos and talk with voice with chat messages. The first purpose of development was developed for gamers, but now it is used for various purposes in various communities. There is a specialty that you can create a conversation space for good memories with people around you or far away friends.

Basically, you can provide a general currency/video call function, and you can share my screen and communicate with others through screen sharing. It also has a variety of features, such as adding bots to broadcasting or my server.

High Security

In particular, through various authentication procedures, it is very powerful in security and shows very compliant performance for social networking app functions. It is regarded as a new regional login for each access IP and is in the authentication process, and it is possible to use the second stage certification through linking with OTP provided by Google. It is very good for security.


We have more than 300 million users worldwide, and the number of users is growing even further, supporting not only desktops but also mobile. As a result, various systems have been introduced. In particular, it shows overwhelming performance in the functions related to the server. The server allows you to talk with a lot of people on a variety of topics.

Nitro System

We have developed a nitro system to expand profiles and emoticons. Originally diverse emoticons, using nitro, you can decorate more diverse emoticons and profiles.

Nitro is basically a profile decorating system and an increase in emoticons, so you can make your server network more smoothly through server boosts. You can also upload up to 100MB of files that can be uploaded in the app, allowing you to upload various files to your Discord. If you are broadcasting, you can upgrade the broadcast quality to HD video level.

Nitro prices are available for $ 99.99 every year and $ 9.99 per month. If you want to use only the basic functions, not all of the nitro features, you can use the Discord nitro through the nitro light plan nitro classic.

Server search method

The Discord server can be searched within the app or can be searched in the web browser. Let’s take a look at how to search the server in the web version. Discord server search is available in the link below.

[Server search shortcut]

Click the link to go to the server search and search for the topic you want. For example, I searched the League of Legends.
If you search for a server, you can see the server by applying a variety of filters for each renewal and members.

How to add a song bot (video)

MinimumWindows 7
RecommendWindows 10
Installation Number300,000,000+
Content Grade12 years old or older

Discord Release Notes

2022/03 Ver.1.0.9003

▫ New Function-PlayStation Network Integration function
▫ New function-Nitro custom emoticon can be used
▫ New function-Go LIVE notification feature added
▫ Emoticons can be searched in altitude and other languages

2021/12 Ver.1.0.9003

▫ New function-Add various backgrounds for video calls
▫ New function-image caption addition function
▫ New function-Video preview/off
▫ Now you can add a discode bot directly from the bot profile

2021/10 Ver.1.0.9003

▫ New Function-Avatar uploads different for each server when using knits
▫ Lower boosts
▫ Stabilization of student herbs and adding new thread authority

2021/08 Ver.1.0.9002

▫ New function-Temporary sub-channel function Discord thread adds
▫ Add nitro and boost function
▫ Add a variety of features for my introduction section

2021/06 Ver.0.0.309

▫ Improvement of video calls-Improvement of CPU usage and improve video call quality
▫ Add more emoticons, add collapse synchronization function

2021/05 Ver.0.0.308

▫ Add a new logo design

2021/05 Ver.0.0.307

▫ Add stage channel function and improve viewing function
▫ Added server voice area multiple support function
▫ Improve bot usability and stabilize accessibility settings

2021/02 Ver.0.0.306

▫ Bug modification that used more computer resources
▫ Fixed an issue of breaking voice in the server
▫ Personal message update-Add various functions
▫ Add mute button-multi-stream

2021/01 Ver.0.0.305

▫ Add mobile screen sharing function
▫ Add reply function through mouse
▫ Add various new community functions

2020/12 Ver.0.0.304

▫ Change log
▫ System stabilization
▫ Other bug modifications

2020/11 Ver.0.0.303

▫ Keyboard bug modification
▫ Barrel roll stabilization
▫ Maintain a muted state when replaying a voice call
▫ Android device voice overlay available

2020/10 Ver.0.0.302

▫ Refer to logs https://discord.com/developers/docs/Change-log
▫ Fixed phenomena when entering a voice chat room

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