GeForce Experience

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5/5 (1 Review)

GeForce Experience Specs
OSWindows / MacOS
DeveloperNVIDIA Corp.
UpdateVER – 2022-07-08
FileGeForce_Experience_v3.25.1.27.exe (126MB)
Main Function▪Game screen recording function and automatic recording function
▪Graphics card driver's best state maintenance function
▪Game Live Streaming Function

GeForce Experience

5/5 (1 Review)

Main Function

GeForce Experience is a program with game recording, stream services and graphics card optimization developed by GeForce NVIDIA. Basically, NVIDIA graphics cards are required, and graphics card optimization and game ready driver support graphics card optimization.

Optimization Function

If you have an NVIDIA graphics card driver, it is not necessary, but it is recommended to use the GeForce Experience if you play a high -end game because you can automatically proceed with the game and use the ready driver. In addition, it supports various additional functions such as overlay performance measurement and desktop capture functions.

How to Use

Optimization Guide

MinimumNVIDIA GeForce 그래픽 카드 내장
RecommendNVIDIA GeForce 그래픽 카드 내장
Installation Number10,000,000+
Content GradeOver 3 years old

Release Notes

2021.07 Ver.

▪FPS counter/one -click automatic GPU adjustment improvement
▪ One -Click HDR screenshot capture
▪ Add new game support

2021.04 Ver.

▪ One -click automatic GPU adjustment improvement
▪ One -Click HDR screenshot capture function
▪ Support game new settings added

2021.02 Ver.

▪ Whisper Mode 2.0 support
▪ Support for optimization setting
▪ Software security patch update

2020.09 Ver.3.20.5

▪ Add new performance monitoring indicators at in -game overlay (ALT+R)
▪ 8K HDR 30FPS recording support
▪ Add one -click automatic CPU tuning function
▪ Other bug modifications

2020.07 Ver.3.20.4

▪ Add game to activate game ready drivers
▪ Game optimization setting support function added game

2020.04 Ver.3.20.3

▪ Now you can use the Desktop Capture function on your laptop through the Windows 10 update
▪ Game optimization setting support function added game
▪ Game stream service performance and quality improvement

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