Geforce Now

  • 업데이트 – 2022-08-05
  • VER 2.0.31

5/5 (1 Review)

Geforce Now Specs
OSWindows / MacOS
DeveloperNVIDIA Corp.
UpdateVER 2.0.31 – 2022-08-05
FileGeForceNOW-release.exe (135MB)
Main Function▪Monthly subscription game cloud service function
▪Windows / Mac OS Various devices compatible
▪Various browser support such as Chrome/Safari

Geforce Now

5/5 (1 Review)

NVIDIA Game Cloud Service GeForce Now

GeForce Now is a game cloud service developed by NVIDIA. The function of the NVIDIA graphics card has been said to be very good. Since August 2020, all services have been available regardless of carrier.

200 game service support

GeForce Now can be enjoyed by monthly subscription without having to purchase more than 200 different games. In addition, GeForce Now can be used without downloading through cloud game services regardless of specifications. GeForce Now basic fare can be used for free and there is no limit to the number.

GeForce Now Plan

Please refer to the fares below for the details of the GeForce Now.

GeForce Now Plan
Price (M)Free$9
Play Time1H6H
Number of playsunlimitedunlimited
GeForce RTX Support

How to use GeForce Now

MinimumWindows 10
RecommendWindows 10
Installation Number10,000,000+
Content Grade12 years old or older

Release Notes

2021.06 Ver.2.0.31

▪ Add statistical option function
▪ Up to 16ms shortening of the game waiting time
▪ Other bug modifications and app stabilization

2021.02 Ver.2.0.27

▪ Chrome browser support
▪ Improving game loading speed
▪ A friend can be invited with an extended browser function

2021.01 Ver.2.0.26

▪ 4: 3 New resolution support
▪ Various support functions through auto highlights
▪ Horizontal: Error related to vertical overlays

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