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4.5/5 (2 Reviews)

GOM Cam Specs
UpdateVER – 2022-07-19
Main Function▪Basic computer screen/video recording from advanced editing function
▪Gomcam's own system completed with a user feedback
▪Compatibility function connected to various programs


4.5/5 (2 Reviews)

Main Function

Gomcam is a video recording program developed by GOM & Company. It supports lectures and game recording, and has more users than Ocam and Bandicam, the same category program. It supports a variety of recording, such as laptops and YouTube recording, and provides video editing functions like other video editing programs.

User convenience

It is well equipped with a thumbnail system and a search system, making it easier to manage the recorded files. You can also extract music sources in the video and store audio files.

Simple usage

MinimumWindows 7
RecommendWindows 8 / 10
Installation Number20,000,000+
Content GradeOver 3 years old

Release Notes

2021.04 Ver.

▪ Initialize the shortcut key function due to the shortcut key -related error
▪PIP recording, webcam circular screen
▪ Improvement of usability and other errors

2021.01 Ver.2.0.23

▪ Add noise reduction function (video advanced editing)
▪ Added PIP screen switching shortcut
▪ Automatic scroll capture operation modification

2020.10 Ver.2.0.22

▪ Add vertical mode function for menu menu of screen and lecture
▪ Go to the web page when uploading YouTube and Google Drive
▪ Other bug modifications

2020.07 Ver.2.0.21

▪ Add to use language
▪ Add audio and microphone monitoring functions
▪ Other bug modifications

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