Hangul Viewer

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5/5 (1 Review)

Hangul Viewer Specs
OSWindows / MacOS / Android / iOS
DeveloperHancom Inc.
UpdateVER – 2022-07-21
FileHOffice2022_Viewer.exe (519MB)
Main Function▪Hangul file reading and editing function
▪Viewer program tailored to various environments such as mobile and PC
▪Various font support and simple use function

Hangul Viewer

5/5 (1 Review)

Main Function

Hangul Viewer (Hancom Office Viewer) is a program that allows you to read or edit the Hangul file program format developed by Hangul and computers. The program read in Hangul Viewer can be edited such as font modifications or simple modifications.

Various device support function

It supports various environments such as mobile devices and PC versions, and continues to update user convenience and reflects the complaints to improve the program. It is provided by Korean and computers, which are Korean companies, and if you want to use additional features, you can pay and download separately from the homepage.

How to Editing

MinimumWindows Vista
RecommendWindows 7
Installation Number10.000,000+
Content GradeOver 3 years old

Release Notes

2021.05 Ver.

▪ System stabilization

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