Microsoft Teams

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4.5/5 (2 Reviews)

Microsoft Teams Specs
OSWindows / Android / iOS
DeveloperMicrosoft Corp.
UpdateVER – 2022-07-19
FileMSTeamsSetup_c_l_.exe (1.3MB)
Main Function▪Team 1: 1 chat by team and communication function through full chat
▪Create business workflower and conduct collaboration
▪Support for various additional functions such as fellow position sharing, calendar, and event adjustment

Microsoft Teams

4.5/5 (2 Reviews)

Main Function

Microsoft Teams is a business video conference app for team developed by Microsoft Corporation. By default, you can sign up and use through the Microsoft account and use it for free. It has most of the convenience features that you can do in the team’s app, such as online meetings, file cloud storage, contact with team members, and location sharing.

The fastest business video conference app

Compared to the Zoom Cloud Meetings and WebEX, which are famous for the conference apps, it is the fastest speed and can be used with various Microsoft apps. Microsoft Teams says it will not support Internet Explorer 11 since November 2020. Therefore, you can use Microsoft Teams through a browser other than Internet Explorer using Microsoft Teams. If you are new to Microsoft Teams, please refer to video and information on how to use Microsoft Teams.

Microsoft Teams How to use/introduce

MinimumWindows 7
RecommendWindows 10
Installation Number100,000,000+
Content GradeOver 3 years old

Release Notes

2021.07 Ver.

▪ Improvement of link sharing systems
▪ Modify other errors

2021.06 Ver.

▪ Adds the larger and more diverse Microsoft Teams emoji
▪Ms Teams sharing function improvement
▪ MacOS system sharing improvement (improvement of computer sound)

2021.01 Ver.

▪ Added a team meeting from Google Work Space
▪ Together (scene) is possible
▪ You can quickly access the free team meeting options

2020.12 Ver.

▪ Add a new icon sign for participation in the meeting
▪ Add state label (use/interference, etc.)
▪Add background noise blocking function (setting >Device>Noise suppression)

2020.11 Ver.

▪ Improve more work through Microsoft Teams app
▪ Microsoft Teams’ spelling test performance improvement
▪ Add sharing function with family/friends through Microsoft account

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