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5/5 (1 Review)

Naver My Box Specs
OSWindows / MacOS
DeveloperNaver Corp
UpdateVER – 2022-06-23
FileNaverDriveInst.exe (18MB)
Main Function▪Cloud function that can save the default 30GB file
▪File management function through search options such as location, time, and theme
▪You can easily share through Naver Mail, Text, Band, KakaoTalk, Line, etc.

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Naver My Box


5/5 (1 Review)

Main Function

Naver My Box is a new name of Naver Cloud and provides an improved cloud environment than the existing Naver Cloud. You can experience a smart cloud environment than before, not just a simple name. In addition to the existing cloud 30GB provision capacity, you can tie the photos by date/place, and use the duplicate file cleanup to manage the cloud neatly.

It is possible to link with various devices

It is available as a mobile, tablet, PC, etc., as well as a generous arrangement space. You can use the cloud to work with the cloud and check what you worked at home. In addition, synchronization functions can be prepared for the loss of work content.


Family sharing and various search functions that can be used by various people are limited to paid users. In addition, Naver My Box offers a lot of better features in paid users’ passes. The billing bill is divided into annual plan and monthly plan. There are some discounts in the annual plan. For more information, please refer to the Naver My Box Pass ticket below.

Naver My Box Pass
Family StorageOOO

How to use the cloud

PC sync method

Naver My Box Release Notes

2021.11 Ver.

▪ Optimization related to photo search
▪ Improvement of performance and stability

2021.08 Ver.

▪ New feature-BETA version synchronization method
▪ Improvement of performance and stability

2021.06 Ver.

▪ Improvement of performance and stability
▪ Other bug modifications

2021.02 Ver.

▪ Improvement of performance and stability
▪ Other bug modifications

2020.12 Ver.2.5.0

▪ Naver Cloud-Naver My Box 2.0 name change
▪ Improvement of performance and stability
▪ Bug fix

2020.11 Ver.2.4.3

▪ Modification of unauthorized phenomena
▪ Improvement of performance and stability

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