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Naver Whale Specs
OSWindows / MacOS
DeveloperNaver Corp
UpdateVER – 2022-07-12
FileWhaleSetup.exe (2.7MB)
Main Function▪Various information and functions provided by Naver can be used
▪Dark mode and various browser theme support
▪Screen Space Division, Sidebar Panel, Whaleon Service Use

Relevant information

How to apply Dark Mode
Windows 10 Certain Port Open/Unsecouts
Naver My Box Download
Naver Band Download

Naver Whale


5/5 (1 Review)

What is Naver Whale Browser?

Naver Whale is a browser app developed by Naver. Since the app itself can use various colors of themes, the users can use the theme of the color they want to escape from the existing fixed browser theme.

Various functions

Unlike the existing browser apps, the app is equipped with various features while value. You can use a variety of browsers because it provides a variety of features in the app itself without the program, such as using side menu through side panels, browser screen split through space division, and capture. In particular, the screen split system can be used by dividing the screen in one monitor without having to use two monitors, so it helps to do various activities such as working or watching video.

Can be linked with various Naver services

Like the app developed by Naver, you can use various Naver services such as Naver Certificate, Naver Mail, and Naver Memo at once, and add various apps such as Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube to the panel. In addition, you can use the dark theme provided by Naver on the screen theme, which helps to relieve tiredness and stable web activities. Please refer to the FAQ tab for more detailed Naver Dark Mode.

Problems with specific port release

Recently, the “meeting has ended abnormal” phrases during the use of Whaleon, a system of Naver Whale Video Conferences, and the video conferencing ends. This can be solved simply by allowing or verifying a specific port. Please refer to the text of the specific port in the text.

How to check Naver Wale specific port

The error occurred during the execution of Naver Whaleon (Video Conference), “The meeting has ended abnormally. (25)” The dialog box is printed. This can be solved through certain port release and registration. I refer to the Naver Whale Team Answer on this issue. The following is to check if a specific port is connected.

Step1. First, search for Windows firewalls in the search.
Step2. Click the Advanced Settings on the top left.
Step3. Click on the inbound rules on the top left and then click on the property named Whale to see which port is blocked and allowed.
Step4. WHALE Properties-You can allow port connections and blocks in general.
Step5. Protocols and port taps can check the protocol number and type.

If there is no information on the protocol number presented by the Naver Whale Team, you can solve the relevant error by adding a specific port. Please Refer to the Link Below.

Windows Firewall Open/Open/Release How to Go

How to use

Release Note

2022.02 Ver.

▪ Chromium 98 update
▪ Automatic blocking HTTP file download
▪ User interface modification

2021.07 Ver.

▪ Chromium 90 update-Tab search, QR code, PDF document viewer and many updates
▪ Multi -profile login support
▪ NAVER WAIL Scroll Improvement and Whaleon Quality Improvement

2021.06 Ver.

▪ Add a new Whaleon function (hand lifting, white board, meeting reservation, etc.)
▪ Improvement of Whaleon image quality and sound quality, notification system improvement
▪ Modification of errors and collisions

2021.03 Ver.

▪ Add a new Whaleon function
▪ Side panel CPU usage improvement
▪ Other error modifications

2021.01 Ver.

▪ Strengthening security functions
▪ Activation of cookie blocking in secret mode
▪ Whale on video conferencing service improvement
▪ Improved dark mode interface
▪ Other bug modifications

2020.12 Ver.

▪ Naver Whale Space-Naver Whale Dual Tab Ribanding
▪Adobe Flash Player End
▪Adobe Flash Play▪ Whale ON Video Conferencing Service Improvement ER End

2020.11 Ver.

▪ Open Whale on Video Conference Service
▪ Improvement of functions in the toolbar

2020.10 Ver.

▪ Dark mode color value, UI improvement
▪ Add automatic inspection function for toolbar spelling

2020.09 Ver.2.8.107

▪ Add customized toolbar settings
▪ Support Naver Certificate and Naver Dark Mode Options

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