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  • VER 6.98.1805

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Netflix Specs
OSWindows / MacOS
DeveloperNetflix Inc.
UpdateVER 6.98.1805 – 2022-06-23
FileNetflix_install.exe (88MB)
Main Function▪Online broadcasting program streaming
▪Movie download and Support (4K) support
▪Video can be viewed through various device interworking

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Netflix PC Version

5/5 (1 Review)

Windows MacOS -only streaming service

Netflix launched its service in 1998, and initially started a service to rent DVDs and videos. In 2017, it has officially launched online streaming services, and now has the world’s best market share in the world, achieving the top spot in the world online streaming.

Main Function

Basically, in Korea, the Netflix app is a place where you can see various broadcast programs such as movies and dramas. Netflix’s own dramas and movies are produced and provided only to Netflix members. It can be used as a monthly flat rate and the image quality is supported from 720p to 4K quality.

In the Netflix PC version, it seems to have been launched to improve the convenience of mobile use and to support the quality of online streaming by supporting more smooth and greater resolution. Free installation is available at the Microsoft Store. The Netflix PC version also allows you to save Netflix content on your computer. Netflix PC storage method can be checked through the list of storage video at the top left after running the Netflix PC version.

How to use the MAC Netflix PC version?

The Netflix PC version for Mac is available through the SAFARI browser. Click the Netflix PC Web button in the text to move immediately. Even if you run the Netflix PC version on the Mac, the content is the same. You can check the stored content from the stored content list on the top left. Mac version/use of the quality of the browser is different, so please check the contents below.

  • Mac 10.10-10.15 Safari Browser – 1080p
  • MAc 11..0 Safari Browser – 4K
  • Chrome, Firefox, Opera Browser – 720p

Netflix PC version image quality setting guide

The Netflix PC version is divided into installation type and browser, and even in the picture quality, the installation type is different in the Windows version, and the browser type is the maximum quality support for each Internet browser. Therefore, please refer to the contents of the Netflix PC version of the quality support guide for each version and browser. This is about PC version quality next to the shortcut key list below. Or see the Netflix PC version of the image quality setting guide.

▶ Go to Netflix PC/Mobile Image Settings Guide Guide

How to install Netflix PC version

Click the download link to go to the store.
Republic of Korea-Tap in Korean. You must press to prevent any language change.
Click the Free button and open the Microsoft Store.
Click Install on the top right.
If the installation is complete, press Run.
On the right side of the execution, click the button of the · · · Select the fixed/taskbar and select the fixed and taskbar.
If you press fixing on the taskbar, you can run the Netflix PC version icon at any time on the desktop taskbar as shown in the image above.
MinimumWindows 7
RecommendWindows 10
Installation Number500,000,000+
Content Grade12 years old or older

Netflix Release Notes

2021.02 Ver.6.97.752

▪ Netflix instance configuration update
▪2021/02 Source code regular update
▪ Netflix optimization can be optimized through app updates
▪ Netflix February Content Update
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2021.01 Ver.6.96.725

▪ XSTREAM regular update
▪2021/01 Source code regular update
▪ Netflix popular content update

2020.12 Ver.6.95

▪XSTREAM update
▪ Source code update
▪ Netflix suite home, Queen’s gambit update and many contents updates

2020.11 Ver.6.94

▪ Local error modification
▪ Build guidelines update

2020.11 Ver.6.93

▪ Support for instant configuration factory suppliers
▪ Build guidelines update

Netflix Plan

Simultaneous Connection124
Other✔ 1 month free after joining
✔ Payment can only be 19 years of age


Keyboard →Over 10 seconds
Keyboard ←10 seconds reversal
Keyboard ↑Raising volume size
Keyboard ↓Lowering volume size
Full ScreenF
Full Screen LooseningEsc
Regeneration InformationShift + Ctrl(Cmd) + Alt + D
BITRATEShift + Ctrl(Cmd) + Alt + S

Netflix PC version maximum quality support

Netflix PC version maximum picture quality support list by browser
Microsoft Edge4k
Internet Explorer1080p
Naver Whale1080p

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