• 업데이트 – 2022-08-01
  • VER 21.8.20

5/5 (1 Review)

SendAnywhere Specs
OSWindows / MacOS
DeveloperEstmob Inc.
UpdateVER 21.8.20 – 2022-08-01
FileSendAnywhereSetup.exe (95MB)
Main Function▪Easy and fast large file transfer function
▪File type and unlimited file transfer function
▪File transmission function in various ways


5/5 (1 Review)

Main Features

Sendanywhere is an app developed to transmit various files in a large capacity. By default, there is no format limit for file transfer and can be used on any PC/mobile device. In addition, you can use the Chrome browser extension program and transmit various file transmission activities such as moving a computer program to a smartphone.

Main Function

It provides several services for file transmission, such as sharing file through links, real -time files transfer, and file large capacity attachments to emails that cannot be attached. You can effectively transmit all files with one SendAnywhere without having to split or upload a file separately. Please refer to the following video for detailed file transfer method.

File transfer method

MinimumWindows 7
RecommendWindows 10
Installation Number3,000,000+
Content GradeOver 3 years old

Release Notes

2021.08 Ver.21.8.20

▪ Improvement of app performance
▪ Other bug modifications

2021.04 Ver.21.4.211415

▪ Improvement of file transfer stability
▪ Some corrections of errors

2020.12 Ver.20.12.230853

▪ Improvement of file transfer stability
▪ Other bug modifications

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