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  • VER 1.10.25


5/5 (1 Review)

Watcha Specs
OSWindows / MacOS / Android / iOS
DeveloperWatcha Inc.
UpdateVER 1.10.25 – 2022-07-27
FileWatchaInstall.exe (28MB)
Main Function▪Movie, drama download and offline storage function
▪Movie and drama streaming service
▪It can be linked with all devices such as desktops, tablets, and smartphones

Relevant Information

Watcha Party Download
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5/5 (1 Review)

Main Function

Watcha is a Korean OTT service that has been renamed in Watchapidia. We offer movies, drama streaming services and online and offline download services. It’s an app against Netflix, but it’s still less user than Netflix. However, it has secured a strong user base with steady preemption of content, which is a foothold for the possibility of growing into a global app.

Device Compatibility

Run the Whatscha can experience surprise. Unlike other OTT services, PC versions are very good at device compatibility, and it is easy to use in mobile device and tablets with PC versions. If you don’t have much disconnection and only run the network in a stable environment, both mobile and PC will provide a smooth streaming environment. Please refer to the video below for the TV connection.

How to connect Watcha TV

Watcha’s special exclusive content

Watcha tends to provide more exclusive content than you think. Among the works that are famous for Watcha Monopoly Service, there are various works that cannot be encountered in other OTT services such as the game of throne, fake man, and Chernobyl. We are striving to add various contents such as Shine, such as Shine.

Inexpensive Watcha Plan, ambiguity of general plans

Watcha is a variety of services such as cheaper plans and two weeks free experiences than Netflix. The cheapest basic plan is very cheap unlike other OTT services, and even though it is a basic plan, the maximum image quality is supported up to 1080p. You can also appreciate in a good enough environment.

Unfortunately, some users are burdened to use alone because they have one maximum user from the basic plan and the general plan.

The premium plan that supports up to 4K is also cheaper than other OTT services, so it is recommended to use it as a basic and upgrade to a premium plan. It provides a different service environment according to the monthly plan, so please refer to the table below.

Watcha Plan
Device CompatibilityPC/Tablet/MobilePC/Tablet/Mobile
Smart TV Connection

How to use Watcha PC version

Step1. First, download the Watcha PC version interlocking emulator by download link.
Step2. Run the emulator and search for whatcha in the search box. It can be used after logging in Google Play Store.
Step3. Install Watcha is installed in the emulator.
Step4. After downloading, click the created icon.
Step5. After running the app, you can use it as you use in normal mobile.

How to create Watcha PC version shortcut icon

Before creating a shortcut icon, you need to access the Watcha PC version WEP version with the text, and the Internet browser must use the Chrome browser. If you don’t have a chrome browser, please download it according to the linked link.

▶ Go to download Chrome browser

Step1. 먼저 왓챠 PC버전 Web으로 접속합니다. (크롬)
Step2. 크롬 우측 상단의 점 3개 설정 클릭-왓챠 설치를 클릭합니다.
Step3. 마찬가지로 설치를 클릭합니다.
Step4. 왓챠 설치를 클릭하면 바탕화면에 아이콘이 나옵니다.
Step5. 왓챠 아이콘 우클릭 작업 표시줄에 고정을 클릭합니다.
작업표시줄에 성공적으로 등록됐다면 왓챠를 즐기면 되겠습니다. 웹버전만 가능합니다

Release Notes

2021.08 Ver.1.9.89

▪ Fast reorganization/slow playback support
▪ Screen PIP support in the screen

2021.03 Ver.1.9.59

▪ User convenience update
▪ Additional app Watcha Party

2021.02 Ver.1.9.57

▪ Provide a new kids profile
▪ Select subtitles/dubbing can be selected on the content page
▪ Various content updates such as peninsula, 1917, Harry Potter series, etc.

2020.12 Ver.1.9.53

▪ New content updates (Infinite Challenge, Peninsula, Spider -Man, La La Land, etc.)
▪ Other bug modifications

2020.11 Ver.1.9.52

▪ Kids profile can be used on TV
▪ Dubbing and subtitles can be selected from the content
▪ December new update work (Harry Potter, Parasite, Dark Knight, Exit)

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