Zoom Cloud Meetings

  • 업데이트 – 2022-06-22
  • VER 5.17.10


5/5 (1 Review)

Zoom Cloud Meetings Specs
DeveloperZoom Video Communications Inc.
UpdateVER 5.17.10 – 2022-06-22
FileZoomInstallerFull.exe (78.8MB)
Main Function▪Provide video conference and message function
▪Compatible with PC/Tablet/Mobile All devices
▪Unlimited messages, telephone functions

Relevant Information

Zoom PC Usage Manual Student/Teacher Use Integrated
Zoom Error Code (Error Code: 10003, 1005 ~) Collection

Zoom Cloud Meetings


5/5 (1 Review)

High quality Video Conference

Zoom Cloud Meetings is an online meeting program. It is the world’s No. 1 video class and video conference program. Video quality output during video conferences is very excellent, and even users who use the first time with a concise interface can easily hold or participate. It is also very compatible with all operating systems such as Windows / Mac OS / Android / iOS, and can be compatible with all devices such as PC / tablet / mobile device.

PC/mobile security and interworking function

Zoom for Intune, Rooms, for Blackberry, Phone, etc. can be linked with related apps developed by developers, and can be used anytime, anywhere. In addition, the security is very good, so if you need security at the start of the meeting, you can change your password at any time. Or you can set up a different password every time you enter.

Additional function/license

It can be used through the device on the go, and you can send unlimited multimedia files and quickly lead the conversation with emoticons. If you have created a conference room, you can easily deliver links with various SNS systems such as KakaoTalk, Facebook, and Instagram.

The license of the zoom is free, but basically there is a 40 -minute meeting time. After a 40 -minute meeting, you can resume the meeting again, and if this is inconvenient, you can buy paid licenses for additional functions. For paid license information, check the right tab license table.

Solution for installation errors

Occasionally, installation errors may occur when downloading. The error code name may appear several code, such as 10003, 1005. In this case, it can be easily solved through the method of solving the zoom installation error.

How to use video conferences (For Teacher)

How to use video conferences (For Student)

Plan Information

License plan table
Participant (max)100100300500/1000
Additional TechnologyTicketTicket/Live ChatTicket/Live Chat/CallTicket/Live Chat/Call
Group Meeting
Time40 Minutes30 Hours30 Hours30 Hours
Remote Control
Telephone Participation
Administrator Portal
Customer Management
Management Domain
Business Review
Bundle Discount

Release Notes

2022.05 Ver.5.10.7

▪ Add whiteboard sharing function through dialogue channel

2022.05 Ver.5.10.6

▪ Local recording modification
▪ Improvement of voice phone functions

2022.03 Ver.5.10.0

▪ Dark mode support
▪ Support for APPLE ID login function
Twitch Live Streaming Support

2022.03 Ver.5.9.7

▪ Security improvement
▪ Other bug modifications

2022.02 Ver.5.9.6

▪ Expansion of language interpretation and invitation state function access
▪ Brake out when selecting automatic meetings
▪ Improvement of mention in public chat

2021.09 Ver.5.8.0

▪ Modify local recording function
▪ Meeting/seminar function improvement
▪ Improving security and app stability

2021.09 Ver.5.7.8

▪ Small bug modification

2021.08 Ver.5.7.7

▪ Modify the phenomenon that breaks when using the AMD processor
▪ Other bug modifications

2021.06 Ver.5.7.1

▪ Modify CPU usage problem when re -downloading
▪ Small bug modification

2021.03 Ver.5.5.4

▪ Improvement of custom gallery review function
▪ Added sharing content/screen sharing time confirmation function
▪ Enhancement of security function/system improvement
▪ Virtual background output problem solving

2021.02 Ver.5.5.2

▪ Chat/Screen Shot -related bug modification
▪ Improved user login efficiency

▶ February update additional information

2021.02 Ver.5.4.9

▪ Improvement of meetings/web seminars and add new contents
▪ Improving Outlook calendar function
▪ Add MSI/GPO options

▶ Zoom PC February Update Additional Information

2021.01 Ver.5.4.9

▪ Add MSI/GPO options
▪ Category meeting code and password
▪ Strengthening security

▶ January update additional information

2020.12 Ver.

▪ Support for Apple Silicon Process (when downloading separately in installer)
▪ Chat/call by integrating contact information in the cloud
▪ Improving text messages/call functions

▶ December update additional information

2020.12 Ver.

▪ In addition to using video filter and change MSI/GPO options
▪ Improved phone function/meeting function
▪ Update -related bug modification

▶ December 7th update additional information

2020.11 Ver.

▪ Add a personal invitation email rejection function
▪ Add host invitation function at interactive events
▪ Small bug modification

▶ Update additional information on November 28th

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